Friday, July 16, 2004

Gentoo: Mysql 4.1.3 beta, Openldap

The latest version of MySQL (at the time of this writing) in Gentoo
Portage is only 4.0.20. However, my project at work requires 4.1.1+
for proper behavior. I found this out the hard way after emerging it
from Portage and then building/testing our project only to find a
connection pooling issue. Fortunately, due to the grace of emerge,
unmerging MySQL was painless. Installation of binaries from MySQL's
site was extremely simple and took a matter of minutes to get
everything up and running.

It's not my intention to zealously preach the benefits of Gentoo (or
maybe it is?) , but I do remember when I had a similar problem like
this while running Fedora and I had to go through several steps with
RPMs to set matters straight.

Similarly, what a riotous mess I encountered with getting openldap up
and running in Fedora. This round of installing Openldap, with emerge,
it was a delight. The only change I had to make was adding permissions
for others to write .to /var/lib/ldap so I wouldn't need to be root in
order to CRUD the entries. On second though, I suppose I could've
alleviated that need if I added myself to the ldap group.

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