Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Lexmark T632 working Gentoo

What a fiasco here at work to get the T632 working in Gentoo, compared with Fedora. It was entirely user error.

So today I decided to give it another shot by downloading the drivers from Lexmark's site. I chose the Suse/Redhat driver because it appears to be the only legit linux driver. Steps for operation:

1) emerge rpm

2) rpm -Uvh --nodeps whateverdrivername.rpm

3) /usr/local/lexmark/setup.lexprint

4) /usr/lexprint/bin/lexprint

The Java app will take it from there. It was a breeze to browse to the T632, create a queue, and print a test page. "gnome-cups-manager" will then have the queue listed, right-click to make default and the setup was complete.

Another completely satisfactory Gentoo experience.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

X Font Server, who needs it?

I dunno who needs it, but removing it from startup now returns my initial speed of booting up.

Updating FC Cache

Do I really need X-Font Server? It takes an extra 10+ seconds on boot and I'm wondering what purpose it serves. I emerged it due to the font problem I had some time ago, but I don't think that it solved anything. For now I'm removing it from startup for efficiency's sake.

Eterm versus aterm,materm,multiaterm

I've had enough of using aterm and it's variants. I continually find descrepencies in behavior when running jboss and other apps. The terminal will simply vanish and take whatever was running with it.

Eterm appears more solid, just as configurable, and more polished.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

emerge gnome-blog

This is great, now I can post straight to the blog using gnome-blog. What a slick tool. So much for writing a java app to accomplish the same thing that this does, if I ever get the time...