Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Lexmark T632 working Gentoo

What a fiasco here at work to get the T632 working in Gentoo, compared with Fedora. It was entirely user error.

So today I decided to give it another shot by downloading the drivers from Lexmark's site. I chose the Suse/Redhat driver because it appears to be the only legit linux driver. Steps for operation:

1) emerge rpm

2) rpm -Uvh --nodeps whateverdrivername.rpm

3) /usr/local/lexmark/setup.lexprint

4) /usr/lexprint/bin/lexprint

The Java app will take it from there. It was a breeze to browse to the T632, create a queue, and print a test page. "gnome-cups-manager" will then have the queue listed, right-click to make default and the setup was complete.

Another completely satisfactory Gentoo experience.

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