Tuesday, December 28, 2004

WalMart Earth Shoe==garbage footwear

Needed some new shoes two months ago and bought a pair of casual Earth Shoes at WalMart ($26.97). Took a couple of days for the lining to start becoming unstitched. After a couple of weeks the interior heel was completely worn. By now (two months passed) the shoes are flat-soled static generators. I've been psychologically traumatized when I reach for grounded items. Continuous zapping becomes increasingly unpleasant.

Dockers Glacier was the decided replacement. If we had an REI near my place I would've purchased the Dunham Rutland. First day has been pleasant, nice arch support (which was another lacking element of the Earth Shoe). Anyhow, beware the Earth Shoe from WalMart. See it has low price, see it appears gentle on the pocketbook but, lo, it will strike from behind and crush they investment!


Anonymous said...

You get what you pay for. Don't blame it on Wal-Mart. You're the one who thought $26 footwear was a good investment!

RR said...

Good point, and I'm all for never recommending anyone buy shoes there but happy to consistently save on food and the occasional good deal.