Friday, July 22, 2005

db4o intial testing

Thanks to Carl (and a bit of more reading of the tutorial) I updated my test to index on a single field--and then queried on that field. New results:

Million records took: 128966 ms
Fetching a record from a million: 5 ms
Deleting a million: 132258 ms

*Very* impressive. Perhaps I'll get more creative with a larger POJO and evaluate further metrics. The numbers for creating and deleting records are larger due to more processes running at the time of the test.

Dell D800 1.7 PM, 2G ram, JVM, from maven using JUnit

Dumped in a million objects (4 field POJO) and the db file grew to 64MB.

Million records took: 48195 ms
Fetching a record (QBE) from a million: 12460 ms
Deleting a million, but result set from (by Query): 48234 ms

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Carl Rosenberger said...

How about indexing the field you are querying for?