Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tapestry: DatePIcker, SSL, and IE

Final solution was adding "src=https:Home.html" to the IFrame, since Home.html was relative. This fixed the annoying security issues, and it left the IFrame in place (so no Selects will ever be hosed when a DatePicker is near). What a dang pain.

Here are the posts I wrote along the way (most recent first):

Branding myself a hasty hoser, the previously posted code did not work (my test page was cached with a previous attempt).

So, for real this time, the fix is: commenting out that line of code for generating the IFrame. Of course, if you have a dropdown underneath it then you'll probably want it, but that's a tradeoff explicitly awaiting IE developers. This fix is quick and dirty, but it works for me since we don't have any Selects near DatePickers.;en-us;177378
" However, IFRAME tries to draw on top of SELECT because it is last in the order. To prevent this, the value of the SELECT element's z-index must be greater than that of the IFRAME, or the SELECT element must be last in the list to ensure that the element always draws on top of the IFRAME when the z-indexes are the same. Because of this, z-indexing similar content can be difficult."

IFrame security covered here (Dec 04, which explains why the DatePicker was working fine in IE last year at this time):

Hopefully I'm done with this topic, apologies for the repeated posts,

Thanks to this thread,, I have changed DatePicker.js:

(previous line)
underDiv.innerHTML = "";

(new code)
underDiv.innerHTML = "";

Works wonderfully.

On 9/15/05, RR wrote:

>opening the DatePicker window yields a security warning in Internet
>Explorer when using an SSL connection. The message is the infamous "This
>page contains both

secure and nonsecure items. Do you want to display
>the non

secure items?".

In Tapestry 3 I'm having the same problem as above -- wondering if anyone else has experienced it and found a solution? This thread is old and I haven't found anything else related.

What I've tried (and without resolution):

1)added my cert as a trusted cert
2)changed the component render to place an onclick in the image instead of wrapping it as an anchor
3)explicitly added "https:" in front of the rendered src attribute on the img.

Any other ideas out there?

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