Friday, November 11, 2005

External firewire dvd burner

I have a Toshiba SD-R5372 that I wanted to use to backup my system. Didn't take too much effort to get it working last night. I added SCSI CDROM support as a module and also 1394 SBP as a module (the other 1394 options I already had built-in to the kernel).

Emerged the latest k3b, reboot, modprobe sbp2 and modprobe sr_mod.
Plugged in the burner and watched /var/log/messages recognize it.
Added a device in k3b as /dev/sr0
Burned 4G in 20 minutes.

Once the burning was complete I mounted the drive as "mount /dev/sr0 /mnt/dvdrw" and verified the disc has my files!

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