Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Parallels vs VMWare 4.x

I have reason to install Windows under linux, again (sadly). Given my recent experience of trying out Parallels on my MacBook, I thought I'd compare it to VMWare in Linux. I purchased a VMWare 4.x license two years ago and it worked decently enough in Gentoo.

This time around, after emering it, there was network issues that I have heretofore not experienced. Then, for reasons I could not find, it wouldn't boot from the cd in the drive. This is when I decided to emerge Parallels (granted their ebuild is homebrewed, but still). Paraellels workstation is *so* much easier to install and configure, it's just not even funny. It's so simplistic, and it just worked! No network issues, no cd issues, it just worked. Just as simple and fast as on the Mac.

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