Thursday, October 21, 2004

Bluetooth, speedstep

I needed to get Bluetooth working so I could toy around with my iPaq
(tossed the Zaurus, too slow and the iPaq is far more aesthetic).
After reading around a bunch of places what to do (mostly at the
Gentoo forums), I reconfigured my kernel and pretty much added all of
the Bluetooth options there are (L2CAP, SCO, RFCOMM, RFCOMMTTY, BNEP,
Multicast filter, Protocol Filter, HCI USB, sco, HCI uart,BCSP). At
the time I also changed my power settings to fix the wierd
clock-synching problem I've been having (since day 1). I enabled CPU
Freq. scaling, ACPI Proccesor P-states driver, Intel Enhanced

Bluetooth was easy to get up and running after finally figuring out
that modprobe hci_usb was the only thing needed to get the Dell D800
integrated bluetooth alive. But, since this kernel
recompilation/reconfiguration I've been running noticebly slower.
However, my clock as begun to work. Finally decided to take a look at
the CPU freq today (cat /proc/cpuinfo) and noticed that it's been
capped at 600MHZ! No wonder i've been going crazy with delays. SImple
fix, modprobe speedstep-centrino and the clock is kicked to the max at
1698MHZ (1700MHZ rated).

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