Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Zaurus pxa255 5600

So I sold my Palm Tungsten C for a Zaurus. And then I bricked the
thing by renaming the wrong file and trying to reflash. Solution was
to get into the Service menu by holding down "d" and "m" while
pressing reset, then powering on (to get out of the Service menu, just
reset). From here you can restore from a NAND flash (4th menu, I

Nice fellow (stormer) from Ireland helped me out by creating two clean
NAND backups from his devices. One an Opie 3.6-pre, the other a QPE.
Both of which I still have and am waiting to post to for downloads. If you would like this NAND, email
me, and I'll make it available.

Secondly, I was able to get the wireless synchronization working with
Evolution using Multisync. I love Gentoo. I didn't need to download
the plugins for this, just typed the following:

USE="evo opie" emerge multisync

Too lazy to add those to my official USE flags. This built the plugins
right into Multisync. Withing minutes everything was up and running.

Love the unit so far. Love being able to SSH and FTP with the thing.
Wireless works wonderfully. Need an SD card for more room.

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