Friday, May 19, 2006

oh yeah, why back to Emacs?

So the new projects I'll be working have a wide range of underlying languages. Decided to give Eclipse, BlueFish & JEdit a whirl (again). I'm on a much faster machine (3Ghz HT, compared to previous 1.7Ghz centrino) w/ 3G of RAM (compared to 2G) and thought these apps would perform quicker (and hence more efficient usage). Wrong.

So Eclipse was still sluggish, still a pain to configure with clicking all over the place. Same with JEdit, a royal pain to get all the plugins needed then configure everything. Worth the time? I'm too impatient since the I can't use my locate db and open files as easily (any file, that is). Bluefish seemed nice, but when I opened a large PHP file with some HTML that was generated the thing slogged my CPU parsing it. That was the end of it.

Took the 10 minutes to get JDE and php-mode up and running on my Emacs and I was back in business. Went 4 days w/o it, and now I'm in heaven again since I'm not bound to the mouse, crappy parsing, slow loading, inefficient file finding, etc.

Oh the glory of Emacs...

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