Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Another reason I dislike Microsoft

Hooray, welcome to the Ajax world ASP.NET. It's been around long enough, someone bright in Redmond actually started the movement back in the mid 90's. But, Microsoft, could you not kill the term by branding your Ajax components as AjaxThisOrThat when it's really just a wrapper for DHTML functionality? It appears to me that you're trying to capitalize on the current wave by simply naming DHTML controls as Ajaxed controls. Which is simply wrong. Then again, I suppose that's no surprise considering your failed attempt at changing the meanings of things anyway.

Sadly, for the ASP.NET developers who may be new to it, they'll now be dumbed down (once again?) to the real concepts and essentials of what Ajax _really_ is and how/why it works.

Oh, and nice job on making it only work with web services and kudos to making configuration a breeze.

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