Monday, January 29, 2007

Quote model, has_many and a couple hours of grief

I have two models, Quote and QuoteLineItem using the has_many and belongs_to respectively. I was having issues with AR dumping out insert statements like

INSERT INTO quote_line_items (`created_on`, `quote_id`, `price`, `modified_on`, `product_id`, `quantity`, `modified_by_person_id`) VALUES(#<Quote:0x36551f0>,
#<Quote:0x364dba8>, #<Quote:0x3645728>, #<Quote:0x363efa4>, #<Quote:0x362ef3c>, #<Quote:0x3636728>, #<Quote:0x3624618>))

This drove me nuts so I jumped into rdebug to figure out the issue. Turns out there is an ActiveRecord method name collision when using

belongs_to :quote

so you have to provide an alternative, something like

belongs_to :related_quote, :class_name => "Quote"

Wish I knew that when I was creating this migration....


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