Wednesday, December 12, 2007

TextMate command db query prompt

I decided to give TextMate another whirl last night. I thought since I gave NetBeans 6 some time recently I'd see how efficient a couple of days with TextMate would be (compared with my life-blood emacs). I was pleasantly surprised at its extendability, speed and myriad of bundle choices. While perusing the SQL bundle I noticed I couldn't see of a way of directly typing in a query. I really like sql-mysql in emacs, so I was hoping I could do something similar--the workaround being typing a query into a buffer, selecting it, then invoking the command to send it. After poking around in the TextMate manual I was shocked at how easy it appeared to be to add custom commands. In less than a minute I had this (edited straight from the manual example of showing a dialog for input):

res=$(CocoaDialog inputbox --title "Send query" \
--informative-text "Enter query text:" \
--button1 "Submit" --button2 "Cancel")

[[ $(head -n1 <<<"$res") == "2" ]] && exit_discard res=$(tail -n1 <<<"$res") db_browser.rb --query="$(tr '\n' ' ' <<< "$res")"

If I can just get over my remaining habits (screen splitting, hippie-expand, and more), I may end up paying for this editor. Too bad it's not OSS :(

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