Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Daily blog/gmail idea

Currently logging all activity throughout the day in AbiWord for task identification and situational problems/solutions. What if, in a shutdown script, the doc yanked to .txt or .html (through API) and emailed to a gmail account OR xml-rpc to a blog. Thus keeping track of daily logs in a remote ,searchable, repository.

Second thought, create a generic GUI app that encompassed the above functionality and on-shutdown posted the information. Basic requirements would be text input and SOAP/email capabilities. Transmission failure retains logged data in some directory (~/.dlog?)

Per Norm's suggestion: if TeamWork (or whatever project mgt software we decide to use) could be enhanced to enable uploads. Parse the upload and create/store tasks and tests.

If I write this in Ruby, I'll probably go with ruby-gtk2 for the reasons stated here.
More good news.

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