Thursday, February 24, 2005

Xrefactory vs DotComplete

I've changed my codecomplete plugin from DotComplete to Xrefactory because DotComplete was driving me nuts when it popped up and my mouse was in it the subwindow would not die until I selected something. Xrefactory is faster and appears more convenient.

So far I like the code completion this provides because it's fast and simple. It's also more complete as it will help out with local vars and class vars.

Bad news is that it requires a project-like setup. Which isn't that bad. But, it's shareware (though license agreements for JEdit plugin are *not* displayed or mentioned) and they want at least $29 for the license. It's not an enforced license the but it does indicate that it's free for 8 days:

The evaluation period will expire eight (8) days from the date of the first installation of Xrefactory. The evaluation period can be extended with prior permission from Xref-Tech.

So....keep it or toss it?

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