Thursday, March 17, 2005

Belkin wireless routing and bridging

A couple weeks back I purchased a Belkgin Wireless G router (F5D7230-4) for $30 after a $30 rebate from Staples (which arrived in 3 weeks!). My neighbor purchased an access point (F5D7130). Last night we enabled wireless bridging and it worked beautifully! He can connect through the port on the AP and receive a dhcp assigned ip address, while the wireless is also activated/connected.

Here's the hitch. We followed the directions in the booklet, and double-checked everything without it working correctly--that is, it wasn't bridging the signal. The fix was in the Wireless MAC menu and we unchecked the box that indicates "Enable...blah blah blah...for ONLY these MAC addresses". For some reason it wasn't working when we had the MACs specified, but it does now that we turned of the restriction. Cool stuff. Next thing to try is moving the router another 30 feet away to see how strong his signal is through his AP.

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