Thursday, March 24, 2005

Initial Lincvs hack

So I want to see all files from any given directory, recursively. Very effecient commitals that way, and it's very handy. SmartCVS does it nicely. However, I like a lot of things about LinCVS. And *it* is open source. So, rather than fork out $150 for the prof version just to get the feature I want I'm going to try and hack my way through it. If I'm successful, I'll make it available for others.

So far, I've found where the function that handles the directory change events, cvslistview.cpp: CvsDirListView::selectionChanged() . Now I just need to step through the rest of this function to determine where the files for the pane are being handled. And, theoretically, all I need to do is recurse for all the files underneath and pass back an array or some collection--just need to find out where to do this. Unfortunately I've been unsuccessful in attaching a debugger and even
getting to this function, but I did place some cout statements. Gonna take a lot of work if I have to write scaffolding for this whole endeavor, especially since the make takes almost 10 minutes on my 1.7GHZ Pentium M. Thus ends the first evening of work.

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